Joining FuturePlan: What It Really Means

Author: Ashley Wolf

Marketing Manager

Sold to FuturePlan: announcement day

“I’ve sold Goldleaf Partners and we are now part of FuturePlan by Ascensus.”

As our CEO and founder shared these words with us, he was met by blank stares, confusion, and shock.What followed next was some open and honest dialogue around what this really meant, along with the necessary benefit updates and creating action plans. My brain was swirling.

The next day as I drove into the office for the big announcement to go live, I thought about some of the comments Michael, our CEO, had made about his quest to sell. He needed a retirement plan. A plan to leave his company, the one he built from scratch, in the best hands. And after months and months of conversations and research, he decided on FuturePlan.

These are the things I knew about our transition to FuturePlan after our conversation the previous day:

  • No one was being laid off.
  • FuturePlan wanted to keep our structure, which made us successful, the same.
  • According to our CEO, FuturePlan’s values aligned perfectly with ours.

So, I decided to trust that our CEO made the right decision for us. Not only did he make smart business decisions, but he cared about his employees. I had seen that time and time again. And I would trust that this would be good for us, too.

What joining FuturePlan means for employees

As an employee, I can tell you quite honestly that I have not experienced negative side effects due to the transition to FuturePlan. Oh sure, there’s the occasional “how do I log into this new portal?” or “can I get access to that folder?” However, that’s to be expected with any technology transition.

Instead, let me share what I have experienced. While keeping all my colleagues from Goldleaf, I’ve also joined a wonderful team at FuturePlan. I experience more help on projects from great minds. In addition, I have access to more resources when faced with a challenge. I also have more opportunity to grow in my career. I’m  able to share my expertise on projects I want to join, and glean expertise from others. Joining FuturePlan for me has just meant more: more opportunity, more growth, more resources.

What joining FuturePlan means for our partners and clients

Our financial advisors, recordkeeping partners, and clients remain our primary focus. The things you know and love about Goldleaf Partners are the same, with expanded options and resources.

  • The same people and relationships. You’re working with the same dedicated experts you know and trust.
  • The same great customer service and retirement plan expertise. Our standards for customer service excellence and putting our partners and clients first has not changed. We continue to be known for this within the industry. FuturePlan also places the highest value on serving its financial advisors, recordkeeping partners, and clients. Therefore, rest assured your needs will continue to be at the forefront of everything we do.
  • Expanded tools and resources. As we continue to integrate behind the scenes, you will have access to even more tools and resources. This means more helpful information on legislation changes, easy-to-use calculators and illustrations, and expertise on every type of plan, from ESOPs to cash balance to prevailing wage and more. We have subject-matter experts on every retirement subject.

For example, when the CARES Act was released, FuturePlan leadership quickly formed a “War Room” comprised of brilliant minds. This team reviewed the legislation, implemented necessary changes, created educational tools for our clients and partners, and answered a plethora of questions. This is just one example of the additional brainpower and support Goldleaf Partners can utilize now.

  • Security and stability. Goldleaf placed a high priority on cybersecurity and ensuring the stability of our firm before we joined FuturePlan. However, this has only increased with the transition. Now backed by the resources of Ascensus, your data is even more secure, and the future of your retirement plans are even more stable. We’re not going anywhere, and we’re consistently here for whatever our clients and partners need.

Joining the FuturePlan family: a good change

After the shock, and fear of the unknown subsided, I feel certain that joining FuturePlan was a great change for Goldleaf Partners. As an employee, I see more opportunities for growth and more resources to do my job well. I also see the robust systems and resources available to provide the best service, experience, and expertise to our clients and partners – all while keeping the people and relationships the same.

I recently spoke about this with a Goldleaf Partners colleague, and he said, “They [FuturePlan] didn’t try to fit us into their mold. They are leveraging our strengths and what we’ve accomplished. They’re just  providing more resources so we can be even more successful.” I could not agree more. FuturePlan is committed to providing the best client experience, partner experience, and associate experience. I can see that in the nine months we’ve been a part of their family, and I hope our partners and clients see that, as well. You are, and will always be, our top priority.