You have payroll goals, and we want to help you get there!  That’s what we did for Donna Vaughn of the Minneapolis Otolaryngology. Here’s her story:

"We've switched three times and I'm more Pleased with the service than I've ever been. It makes your Life Easier."

We recently went through a merger, and the group we merged with spoke highly of Goldleaf, so we thought we’d give them a try. We’ve been elated—we couldn’t be happier. I was dreading doing the switch in the middle of a merger, and I thought, “I don’t have time for this.” But Goldleaf picked up the ball and did it all for me. The transition was seamless.

Our old provider used to say, “We’ll call you back in 24 to 48 hours,” but I didn’t have the time to wait. With Goldleaf, I get immediate answers. They go above and beyond—they’ve made the extra effort to solve problems I was facing, and did it all without making me feel stupid.

In 27 years, I’ve gone through three payroll provider changes. You always think making a change is so much work, and you never have the time to do it. The switch to Goldleaf has been the easiest we’ve ever done, and I’ve been more satisfied and pleased with their service than any I’ve ever used. It makes your life easier.

I used to hate doing payroll, and now I don’t mind at all.

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Get More Facts about payroll.
Payroll Myths Debunked

MYTH: Payroll and retirement are unrelated services. It’s best to keep them separate.
FACT: Payroll and retirement are actually closely linked, with payroll data feeding several retirement plan processes.

When the two are integrated with Goldleaf Partners, there’s less administrative work for clients, less room for error, and less liability. Our integrated payroll clients no longer submit a year-end census, create a 3(16) file, or submit contributions to their investment provider or brokerage accounts. Data is sent where it belongs, without the need for the client to be involved.

Several of the most common 401(k) compliance mistakes found by the IRS in an audit are payroll-related. With Goldleaf, clients have experts administering their 401(k) plans and processing their payroll, providing peace of mind that these items are done correctly:

  • Definition of compensation is being used correctly
  • Correct employer-matching contributions
  • All eligible employees are given the opportunity to make an elective deferral
  • Participant loans meet the plan document and IRC section 72(p) requirements
  • Elective deferrals are limited to the IRC section 402(g) limits for the calendar year
  • Employee elective deferrals are deposited timely
  • Hardship distributions are made properly

“There are uncertainties [when your payroll and retirement are not integrated]. You’re worried about human error. You could miss something.”

– Director of HR, New York Advertising Agency

MYTH: Switching payroll providers is SUCH a pain. It will take hours to dig through files and send them all the information they need. I don’t want to deal with that hassle.
FACT: We understand that other providers might have a painful, time-consuming set-up process, but we have a hands-free installation process.

If an employer currently using a web-based payroll solution gives us access via our website authorization form, we can relieve the employer of up to 90% of the work involved with a conversion. Access allows us to download the pertinent payroll information needed, and simply let the employer review and confirm this information.

“I only spent about 45 minutes in total on the entire conversion…and that was counting our [20 minute] call.”

-New Goldleaf Partners payroll customer utilizing our hands-free process.

MYTH: I need to submit my payroll information in whatever way my vendor prefers.
FACT: Often employers are forced to fit their processes into the box their vendor provides, but that’s not the case with Goldleaf Partners.

Our payroll product molds to the client. Submit payroll the way you want: Auto Pay (your best option if your company is entirely comprised of salaried employees, with few changes), Phone, Email, or via our Web Portal!

MYTH: Okay, but my current national payroll provider can serve as a TPA, too. That will be easier and cheaper.
FACT: Competence of your TPA is still incredibly important.

Retirement plans must abide by highly technical rules set forth by the Internal Rev­enue Code and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”), the federal law applicable to qualified re­tirement plans. Goldleaf Partners has dedicated, industry-leading, ERISA experts on-staff, ensuring our clients receive the best service and expertise needed to keep their plan running smoothly and in compliance.

“This is why we use Goldleaf for plans that have profit sharing and cash balance features when it comes to payroll. [National Payroll Provider] was not furnishing the correct payroll info.”

-Financial Advisor after Goldleaf Partners onboarded an Integrated Cash Balance, 401(k) and Payroll client (we discovered compensation errors upon installation).