Audit Simulator

If plan sponsors knew what the IRS and DOL would discover during a plan investigation before it took place, they could avoid those costly consequences of errors. That’s exactly what the Goldleaf Partners Audit Simulator does.

In 2016, the Department of Labor recovered over $777 million for plans found out of compliance  

Goldleaf ERISA experts will review the plan before the IRS or DOL schedule an examination. Basically, our team will simulate an audit experience in a collaborative, problem-solving environment.

As part of the process, we will:

  • Review the plan documents and operations
  • Identify areas of noncompliance and where weak controls create risk
  • Provide recommendations based on our findings
  • Help correct any existing problems
  • Provide guidance to avoid future problems

What We Review

With the Goldleaf Partners audit simulator, plan sponsors will be prepared to answer dozens of questions like these from the DOL or IRS:

  • Have deposit deadlines been met?
  • Are notice requirements satisfied?
  • Is the plan document up-to-date?
  • Are enrollments completed timely?
  • Do deposits reconcile with payroll?
  • Are errors corrected timely?
  • Are the re-entry rules followed for rehires?
  • Is annual testing handled correctly? Can better results be obtained?
  • Are records retained to defend against false claims?
  • Is vesting accurately determined?
  • Are contribution limits monitored?
  • Does the plan meet its objectives?
Let us erase audit anxiety