As a business owner, we understand you have a lot on your plate (and that's an understatement). Let us join your team and lighten your load.

Lightening Your Load

We understand that your benefit offerings retain top talent, manage your health care, and help your employees build financially secure futures. However, the administration of these benefits consume a lot of time and resources.

So, Goldleaf Partners alleviates that burden by stepping in and taking on these tasks. We help design and manage retirement plans, payroll, employee benefits, offer 3(16) fiduciary services and more. From ensuring regulatory compliance to delivering dedicated support, Goldleaf Partners enables you to realize the full potential of these services while freeing up your time and energy to grow your business.

Key Benefits

  • Direct line to one, dedicated contact focused on you.
  • We work with your preferred partners behind the scenes, increasing your capacity for high priority projects.
  • Industry-leading, credentialed experts and actuaries who are on your team, all the time.
  • We have trusted partnerships with the leading record keepers and custodians in the industry, meaning you get your choice of platforms and open architecture solutions.
  • We provide of a variety of solutions to meet your unique needs. Check out our services to see them all.